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Your wedding is the most special day of your life. A day where many women have dreamt every detail to perfection, from the breath-taking gown, the stunning bouquet, and even to, the something blue. This is an exciting journey bringing your dreams into reality. Every moment should feel magical, which is why choosing a team that understands your vision is essential. Maybe you are not sure what you want, as your makeup artist, it is my job to either help you achieve the look you desire or help you create the perfect look. Each bride is unique, and every look is tailored to your style.

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Bridal make up is much more than just the makeup, I am part of your team. From the trials to decide the makeup style, to the late-night texts panicking as you’ve changed your mind, to the person pampering you and helping you stay calm as the hour’s countdown, to your time to walk down the aisle. I have had the honour of working on countless weddings over the past 10 years. Each wedding is beautiful, exciting, and sometimes chaotic, with photographers, hairdressers, bridesmaids, family and friends, at times the bride can become overwhelmed. My job is to offer you a space to relax, talk through the nerves and no matter the chaos, when you leave my chair, you will feel the most beautiful you have ever felt.


We offer a wide range of bridal packages to suit all needs, whether that is just makeup for yourself or the whole bridal party. Packages to include engagement photoshoot makeup or a change of look for the wedding reception. Each package will be tailored to your occasion. 

  • Bridal Makeup
    Your chosen makeup style and lashes, tailored to your individual look, skin tone, and theme for the wedding. This will likely be decided at the trial, however, a consultation will be done on the day to confirm any changes or additional requirements. Price £100
  • Bridal Trial
    A makeup trial is where you can discuss with a professional, what style you desire for your wedding makeup and how it can be recreated to suit your individual look, skin tone and theme for your wedding; such as colour tones. You will be able to trial what does and doesn't work, so you can be confident that on your wedding day, your makeup will be everything you imagined. Price £40
  • Bridal Party
    Bridal party can include, bridesmaids, mother of bride and groom, and close family and friends. Often, brides choose to have a similar makeup look for the bridal party to keep within any colour themes. Whilst the look may be similar, each person will have their look tailored to suit their individual preferences. Price £60
  • Ultimate Bridal Package
    ~ Wedding day makeup & trial ~ Lash extensions ~ Choice of brow treatment, henna or lamination ~ Customised monthly facial for 6 months prior to the wedding Price £500
  • Gold Bridal Package
    ~ Wedding makeup & trial ~ Engagement photoshoot makeup Price £180
  • Silver Bridal Package
    ~ Wedding Makeup & trial ~ Reception makeup - change of look or refresh of makeup Price £200
  • Bronze Bridal Package
    ~ Wedding makeup & trial ~ Customised facial within one week before the wedding Price £180
  • Engagement Photoshoot Makeup
    Price £60
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